Exhibition many name
The exhibition, exposition, names have the exhibition, exhibition, exhibition, exhibition fairs, see sample promotional meeting, exhibition fair, fair, trade fair and exhibition, ZhanPing will, sample display, the market, the market, field and so on. In addition, there are some exhibition use non-professional noun. Exhibition name though is various, its basic word is limited.
What is the exhibition
In a fixed or a series of place, specific date and time, through the display to products, services, information exchange of social form. The information contains the content a lot, than propaganda achievement, propaganda policy, popularize knowledge of science and technology, to set up the company image, understand the market development trend, and even to unfair means for intelligence, etc.
Exhibition advantage
1, low cost contact cooperation client company and access to qualified customers, attend the exhibition is the most effective way. According to the exhibition survey company one study, fair every visitors are exposed to average cost hk $177, and through the sales calls contact with a customer's average cost hk $295.